We put so much pressure on finding the perfect wedding dress. The one that makes you feel like a goddess. The one you’ll see in picture after picture for decades to come. It’s pretty safe to say that picking your dream wedding dress can be just a little bit stressful: but it doesn’t have to be.

You’ve got more important things to be doing than worrying about what you’re going to wear—like enjoying this exciting time in your life! That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide with tips and tricks to help you find the dress of your dreams.


Do your research first

If you’re at the start of your search for your dream wedding dress, you might be scratching your head thinking “where on Earth do I start?”. Google, Instagram and Pinterest are all great places to find wedding dress inspiration.

Once you’ve collected a bunch of images, look to see if there is a theme. Are they all a particular style, colour or material? Are you leaning more towards a bohemian wedding dress or classic wedding dress?

Here are the most popular styles of wedding dresses.

A-line: This is a flattering style for all body shapes. It typically features a fitted bodice with a flowing skirt that cascades towards the ground.
Princess: This is a variation on the A-line cut, with vertical seams that extend from shoulder to hem. With this style, the skirt curves out from the waistline.
Ballgown: This style features a fitted bodice and full skirt. It’s ideal for most body types, but can be overwhelming if you have a petite frame.
Empire: This style includes a fitted bodice, with a long, loose-fitting gathered skirt, flowing from just below the bust.
Trumpet: This style is also known as “fit and flare”. It’s fitted on the body, flaring out at the mid-thigh. It’s great for anyone who wants to accentuate their waist.
Sheath: Also known as a column gown, this style has a narrow shape that flows down the lines of the body, with little or no flare.
Tea length: Also known as a mini gown, this style’s skirt is a little longer than knee-length, but above the ankles. It’s great for a vintage look.

Lace wedding dress with detachable train

A lace wedding dress is a great option for a church wedding.

After researching and picking which style you like, keep these with you and take them to your wedding dress appointment. Your stylist will be able to find a style that is similar or even show you new styles you may not have considered.


Consider your wedding theme—and where you’re getting married.

Looking at the theme of your wedding—and where you’re getting married—can be a huge help for picking out your dream wedding dress.

Different settings and themes can impact the mood of your wedding, which can influence what style of dress you might want to choose. For example, the kind of dress you’d wear to a beach wedding will probably be a little bit different from what you’d wear to a traditional church wedding.

If your wedding is quite modern, with sleek, minimalist designs, a trumpet or sheath style dress might work best. If your wedding’s theme is more romantic, with soft lighting, florals and delicate hues, a more traditional style like princess, empire or ball gown might be better. Rustic or vintage themes might favour an A-line or tea length dress.

Remember to consider how your wedding location might impact what you can wear. For example, if it’s an outdoor wedding, you might want a slightly shorter dress so the bottom doesn’t trail along the ground.


Consider who you should bring to your wedding dress appointment

While movies show us montages of friends and family picking out the perfect dress (with a glass of champagne in hand), it’s important to remember some bridal stores have restrictions on how many guests you can bring.

Make sure you take people who can help you have fun and feel comfortable, while supporting you to pick the perfect dress. It might be your best friends, your bridesmaids, your maid-of-honour, or members of your family. Try not to bring too many people—but do what makes you feel most comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to come alone either. It’s a great way to see if you actually like a dress without being influenced by the opinions of well-meaning family and friends.


What to bring for your wedding dress appointment

Searching for the wedding dress of your dreams can take time. But with a bit of preparation and foresight, you can make the day much easier. When trying on wedding dresses, make sure to bring:
Water: It’s important to stay hydrated—and it’s more tiring than you’d think.
Undergarments: Wear nude, seamless underwear, along with a nude, strapless or convertible bra. Shapewear might also make you feel more comfortable trying on certain styles.
Hair ties and bobby pins: Whether you’re getting your hair out of the way, or trying a new style with a certain dress, hair ties and bobby pins make life a lot easier.
Shoes: Bring the same style of shoes you’re planning to wear to your wedding so you can see how your shoes and dress work together.

Wedding shoes

It’s always a good idea to bring your wedding shoes to a bridal appointment.

Inspiration: Bring photos to show staff what styles you like best.


Consider what you feel most comfortable in

Our bodies are different—and that’s great! No matter your body type, there’s a dress style that will make you feel amazing on your big day.
Hourglass: People with an hourglass figure will typically suit A-line, trumpet, ballgown or sheath dresses.
Apple: People with an apple figure will typically suit A-line, ballgown, and empire dresses.
Pear: People with a pear figure will typically suit A-line, trumpet, or ball gown dresses.
Rectangular: People with a rectangular figure will typically suit A-line, empire, and sheath dresses.
But don’t let this stop you from trying on anything you want. Don’t rule something out, because you think it won’t suit you: try it, then decide. You may find yourself very surprised!


How do you know if you’ve chosen the right wedding dress?

Well, it’s a difficult decision. But when you find the right dress, you’ll know. Consider how the dress looks, how it feels, and how it makes you feel.

In the right dress, you should be feeling comfortable—and drop-dead gorgeous. If it brings a tear to your eye, if you can’t stop thinking about it, if you love how it makes you feel, and if you can’t wait to show it off to every single person you know: it’s the one!


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